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USB Type-C Connector Entirely new design Tailored for emerging product designs robust enough for laptops and tablets; Slim enough for mobile phones Similar to size of USB 2.0 Micro-B Usability enhancements Reversible plug orientation and cable direction Supports scalable power charging Future scalability Designed to support future USB performance needs; Type-C transmission speed, the maximum data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbit / sec; Durability: 10,000 cycles Improved EMI and RFI features; Power delivery capacity: 3A for standard cables and 5A for connectors.

  • Contact Current Rating: 3A
  • Voltage Rating: 30V AC (RMS).
  • Withstanding Voltage: 100 VAC FOR 1 Minute. Insulation Resistance: 100 Mega ohms Min.
  • Contact Resistance: 40 Milliohms Max.
  • Operating Temperature: -25ºC ~ +85ºC

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