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The "sound exiter" is a surface acoustic speaker. It is simply glued to a clean and flat surface. The speaker excites the installation into a vibrating body and allows  to convert almost any kind of surfaces  into a high-performance speaker. 

Surface:  glass, aluminium, sandwich composite, plastic, wallboard, plexiglass,fiberglass etc.

Application: Through-glass speaker for store window ,  bath-room mirror,  inside furniture, alarm system for refrigirator, hidden audio system,  automotive  audio , electronic gaming machines.



Sound Exciter CA-EX4517A-0860P

Dimension (mm)

Input Power (W) Impedance(Ohm) S.P.L. (dB) F0(Hz) Frq.Range(kHz)


6 8 92 450 F0-10

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akustik 180q
copal 180q
steckverbinder 185q
schalter 181q
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