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Welcome to Contitec  

Contitec is a technology company focused on marketing of eletromechanical components. We design  and develop a wide range of leading edge acoustic products. Our speakers, magnetic buzzers, piezo buzzers and microphones  are used in automotive,  white good  and telecom applications all over Europe. Furthermore  we market  industrial proven solutions of switches, trimmer potentiometers, rotary encoders and DC fans. Our goal is to deliver added value to our customers' applications with regard to our product performance and their system solution, thus providing a clear economic advantage.

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 Our  benefits

  • Innovative Products
  • Excellent Quality 
  • Best Price
  • Engineering Expertise 


New Products:  Fans,  Piezo Buzzer, Speaker,  Rotary Dip Switches

blower 170

Micro Blower Copal-Nidec

With aerodynamic bearings, higher static pressure is achieved due to ultra-high speed rotation, even though super compact.

piezo buzzer 9x9

Piezo Buzzer

The new piezo buzzer with smallest size 9 x 9 mm supports a wide variety of applications. SMD package.

ca sb4213a 170b

Automotive mini speaker 

used in vehicle body, chassis, interior, infotainment,  instrumnets, telematics. We offer customized acoustic solutions. 

min dip 170

Rotary Dip Switch Copal-Nidec

New extremely small size 7.4 x 7.4 mm rotary dip switch. Micro enhancements and excellent quality.  

 Reliability at the right cost

Leveraging our wide product range, our target is to deliver products with high performance and reliability at the right cost for each application segment. This is critical to our success, especially in the automotive component business. Today, we are addressing new applications like "Electrical Vehicles" and creating a dynamic, growth-oriented environment.

 World wide Supply Chain Management

We offer a wide range of standard and individual solutions for logistics and Supply Chain Management. Together with our customers, we organize tailored logistics solutions such as just-in-time delivery, buffer stock, consigment stock or kanban. On request, we do offer value added services for special labeling and packaging.

 To competition, we address this quote

"Just because you are bigger, you arenĀ“t more efficient, agile or smarter"      Carlos Tavares,  CEO PSA

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