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Welcome to Contitec  

Contitec is a technology company focused on marketing of electromechanical components. We design  and develop a wide range of leading edge acoustic products. Our speakers, magnetic buzzers, piezo buzzers and microphones  are used in automotive,  white goods  and telecom applications all over Europe. Furthermore  we market  industrially proven solutions of switches, trimmer potentiometers, rotary encoders and DC fans. Our goal is to deliver added value to our customers' applications with regard to our product performance and their system solution, thus providing a clear economic advantage.

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 Our  benefits

  • Innovative Products
  • Excellent Quality 
  • Best Price
  • Engineering Expertise 


We are turning your ideas into products

Developing a new product is a complex process that requires a concerted effort, managing a project through the various stages of development. Contitec realizes this during the product definition, development and manufacturing stages. Our target is to provide the product you want to have with regard to the quality, functionality, and cost that are needed to make it a market success. From your Idea to a series product >>> 

New Products


Compact AVAS Speaker for electric cars

The silence of electric vehicles is highly appreciated by most drivers and people outside the vehicle. But in some situations a driving noise  is required in order to increase safety for pedestrian in front of the vehicle. At low speeds below 30 kmh, the cars will be required in USA  to emit some kind of sound to make their presence better known to others in the surrounding area. The European Parliament approved legislation too that requires the mandatory use of "Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems" for all new electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Currently Contitec is devloping  for electric vehicles  (EV-Cars) a specific speaker generating driving noise to draw attention of the pedestrian.  For  further details on AVAS speaker unit  please contact us or check  the data sheet  CA-SL100070EV.

Contactless Switch 

ContitecĀ“s "contactless switch" can be operated without direct mechanical contact. When an object e.g. your hand approaches the sensing surface of the switch in action distance (2-15cm), it does not requires mechanical contact or any pressure to perform a switch operation. In this case the switch will send out an electrical singnal according a momentary function (NO). Our contactless switch is reliable , stable , has fast frequency response, long service life and strong anti-interference ability. Furthermore it is waterproof (IP65), shockproof and corrosion resistance.The switch is an ideal electronic switch transducer and can be used as limit, counting, positioning control and automatic protection in control systems by sending out an electrical signal without any mechanical interferrence. Typical applications are machine interface, measurement equipment, metallurgy equipment, chemical industry controll and numerous other applications.