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  • Ambient lighting
    Ambient lighting "interior"

    door panel, seat line, dashboard,

  • AVAS  for  electric vehicle
    AVAS for electric vehicle

    Audio alerting system

  • Haptic Actuator
    Haptic Actuator

    touch display , vibration actuator

  • Audiotactile feedback
    Audiotactile feedback

    touch display, speaker, buzzer

  • White goods
    White goods

    buzzer, speaker, sensors

  • Industry Solutions
    Industry Solutions

    switches, push buttons

Welcome to Contitec  

Contitec is a technology company focused on marketing of electromechanical components. We design  and develop a wide range of leading edge acoustic products. Our speakers, magnetic buzzers, piezo buzzers and microphones  are used in automotive,  white goods  and telecom applications all over Europe. Furthermore  we market  industrially proven solutions of switches, trimmer potentiometers, and rotary encoders .

In the present time,  innovations often connected to steep ambition,  growth at all costs and destructive competition.  At Contitec we see it differently. Our goal is to deliver added value with regard to your system solution, thus providing a clear  technical and economic advantage. 

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 Our  focus

  • customized solutions 
  • fast implementation 
  • cost efficient  products
  • reliable partner


We are turning your ideas into products

Developing a new product is a complex process that requires a concerted effort, managing a project through the various stages of development. Contitec realizes this during the product definition, development and manufacturing stages. Our target is to provide the product you want to have with regard to the quality, functionality, and cost that are needed to make it a market success. From your Idea to a series product >>> 

New Products

avas 200


Front cover, speaker, back cover   

vca2214b h200

 Touch Actuator  

for automotive haptic applications 


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Car Ambient Lighting   

interior and exterior lighting 


We develop customized acoustic solution for automotive applications.  For customers developing the AVAS electronic control unit by themself, we offer our "AVAS-Box" consisting by  Front Cover+Speaker+Back Cover.  We are open for customer specific solutions.

Ambient Lighting  

Car interior ambient lighting is a popular trend in the automotive world. It enhances the driving experience by adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the cabin. With customizable colors and intensity, ambient lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere, setting the mood for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. It's a feature that's here to stay.We offer solutions for interior and exterior automotive lighting decorations. We owe independent equipment for professional color optical and structural finite element analysis. Our product supports CAN/LIN for logical communication and control and can realize functions such as color temperature control, brightness control, color control, and music interaction. Our technology, design , quality and products has been proven in millions of cars. Our factories are qualified according IATF 16949 and AEC-Q200.


Touch Actuator  for automotive  "haptic Applications"

In modern applications mechanical buttons are becoming obsolete. They are being replaced by touchscreens and capacitive buttons. When a mechanical buttons are being pressed they give a clear haptic indication to the user. Unfortunately, the new technologies cannot provide this feeling indication since there are no moving parts. This is where our touch actuator can be used to genrate a tactile feedback for the user. Originally developed for audio speakers, active touch technology is now being used to provide reliable motion control for a wide range applications. Contitec has a years of  experience in desing and production of speaker audio solutions.