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Contitec has established a world wide logistic system for shipping to our international customer factories at all locations. Currently we ship our products to America, Asia and Europe. We support your logistic needs, regardless of whether you need just one piece or whether millions of products have to be shipped. We are well prepared to meet your logistic demands.

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  • Product kitting
  • Customer specific labeling
  • Buffer stock service
  • Consignment stock
  • Ware house management


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Struggling with your supply chain ?  

Two years ago, Contitec implemented a flexible and agile supply chain model which allows us to integrate certain facts, such as epidemic occurances or political restrictions, into the material flow.This model has proven to be very successful in practical application, as shown by our Automotive Delivery Performance: Despite the current shortage situation, we have delivered 100% of orders to our customers on time in 2021 and also to date in Q4/2022.


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