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Contitec cooperates with a number of established and state-of-the-art connector manufacturers. In many cases with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, our suppliers are specialized in high definition digital products such as HDMI and DisplayPort  connectors. Development is proceeding at the forefront of the industry, thus often creating new models for leading edge connector products.


In the following, the potential of one of our close partners is described in detail.



Strong R&D Team

More than 90 engineers create new products every month to broaden your choices. Furthermore, we reinvest 10 percent of our annual revenue in R&D. Our general lead time for a new model (plastic and metal tooling) is 45 days. But for special requirements we can shorten this to 30 days.


High Manufacturing Capabilities

The factory is equipped with Switzerland-made high performance stamping machines (BRUDERER), Japan-made injection machines (SUMITOMO, FANUC), and insert-molding machines. Moreover, we are able to design tooling and equip tool machining facilities in house. With the capability of 1,300 skilled operators and 43 assembly lines, we can fulfil your volume order requirements easily.


State of the Art Industrial Standards

All of our products are manufactured according to industry standards. Take HDMI products as an example: Our HDMI cables passed relevant tests and acquired the ATC certificate; our HDMI connector is also listed on the HDMI approved connector list, so there are no problems with compatibility.
Green Products

We are ISO 9001:2008- and ISO 14001:2000-certified, and all our products are RoHS compliant, meeting the REACH regulations to ensure that the products are green and safe. A Halogen-Free product is now also available.


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High Speed Stamping

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Precision Molding

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Laboratory Testing 

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Quality Control

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